The Hell To Come Demos

by Michael J. & The Foxes

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These here songs, I reckon, are acoustic demo recordings. I suspect the songs, when ready, won't all be on the same album. So for now, they are just previews of the hell that will be sang about when you're hearing em being sung in the future.


released October 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Michael J. & The Foxes San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Hotel Lobby
Here at the hotel lobby
Here where you’ve finally got me
You’re asking me, If it’s real, what I do.
"Is there more, then just your sad songs?
Is it so hard, to see what you’ve got?"
And I reply, how I feel, with some truth.

I said that fine if that’s what you’re thinking.
But If there was more to life then drinking

I wouldn’t be, wasting my time.
Guitar in hand, crying out.
I’d have to be out of my mind
To think I’ve got this all figured out.

And if the day ever comes
that this town is burned to hell
I’ll be sipping on my whiskey,
if I cared you just couldn’t tell.

And if that day ever comes
I’ll probably just take the stairs…
You can take your time showing up.
I’ll meet you -

Here at the hotel lobby
here we’re you’ve finally got me
you’re asking me, about love, in this town.

Well if you know john then you probably know jim
and if you cat then you probably know kim
and if you jack then you probably know jill
and if you know kate then you probably know will

oh my ex she says she kepts it safely locked inside
though I know she gives it up to every other guy
oh its such a shame the things we do in love, to spite.
but I stopped counting long ago on who was wrong or right.

Cuz if theres more to life then touching
I suggest we all should start running
cuz this town will be nothing
in the end

Theres a bar in this hotel lobby
and we’re broken up. by the sin & heartache
and anyways, our better halves. are not around

here in this hotel bedroom
here where I’ve finally got you
tell me do you like
what you’ve found

Cuz this town it just ain’t learning
and you’re the flame or you’re just burning
you’re the victim of your own yearning
in the end.

I cannot be wasting my time
falling in and falling out
id have to be out of my mind
to think that love is what its all about

and if the rain every comes
and drowns this town in sin
I would be the first one to lay down
if it meant I never hurt you again.

And if hell is what waits for me
I’ll probably just take the stairs
you can take your time showing up
ill meet you there.
Track Name: Just As Damn(ed) ('m) Sure
Well you're right. It's my fault.
And I guess it always was.
And I know, you can't forgive me.
But I'm still in love.

And you're right. I was mean.
And I sorely broke your trust.
So it goes, I'm all alone now.
But I'm in still love.

You might think
"How could that be?" That I don't know what love is.
Or that I'm just a kid, But you'll see.
I don't care. Just how long it takes.
When I'm old and grey
I'll still know my mistakes, and I'll be.
Just as damn sure.
Just as damned, I'm sure.

Well you're right. Its my fault.
And I guess it always was.
And I know that no silly love song
can bring you back.

I can go out. I could lie down.
I could take off all her clothes.
But I know, that it just ain't you babe.
And it would show.

You might say
"Don't do this to me! Haven't you done enough?
How many time you fucked up what could be?"
But I'm trying. I'm trying real hard.
But I'm sure that they lied, it does hurt to try.
When it seems,
the only I have is my dreams.

So pass me a drink.
And let's do this thing.
Cause I'm all alone.
And I love you, but its taking its toll on me.